Go Vegan, Atlanta! is looking to serve local, visiting, and veg-curious by offering restaurant, food-truck and boutique business options that support a cruelty-free lifestyle. If you are like us, you have trouble locating restaurants that serve a variety of items to be enjoyed by both vegans and omnivores.

The act of quizzing a server for menu items that do not include animals or their byproducts is daunting, especially in front of dinner dates or colleagues, and this task is often a source of anxiety for everyone involved.

To further compound the issue, servers in the south often respond with attitude, or worse, do not know the answer to what ingredients are used in menu items. Often times, the only option available to vegans on a full course menu is a salad, (please leave out the toasted walnuts (butter), cheese (dairy) bacon bits, eggs, and even dressing). In fact, many would be surprised at just how much food is created at the expense of an animal.

This problem compounds when it comes to clothing, as clothing often uses wool, leather, silk, or down, all derived from farmed animals leaving few stylish choices for the modern vegan.

Elsewhere in the nation veganism is an accepted lifestyle. It is time to advance Atlanta, and it is with hope that Go Vegan, Atlanta! will create a comfortable environment for vegans by educating the restaurant and fashion industry on simple changes that will open up dining and clothing options for vegan lifestyles.

Go Vegan, Atlanta! aims to make life a little easier for vegans by creating a community that supports and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle through educational information. It is our hope that by focusing attention on the businesses that are in support of veganism, we will see an expansion in vegan options regarding food and clothing.

This is not a militant, activist, expression. It is merely a lifestyle that chooses to avoid animals for existence. Through this community we aim to encourage veganism and also provide a voice for those who are already active.

Thank you for visiting and come back often.


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